Why We Work at New Beginnings

I want to help people facing crisis pregnancies because I was helped by a center years ago. I am ready and eager to give back out of a deep sense of gratitude aiming to give hope and practical help so they too can have a new beginning with a happy ending.

I volunteer to make a positive difference in the lives of those who visit New Beginnings and their children. This is a place of hope, love and encouragement for the families of this area.

Kion Hoffman, MD
I am privileged to have been involved with New Beginnings Pregnancy Care Center from its inception, as a board member and medical advisor. As a Christian physician I am very much aware of the importance of following God’s design for sexual expression, at New Beginnings Pregnancy Care Center we call it sexual integrity. Following God’s design best protects us from physical disease and emotional distress and best provides for the safety of children, born and unborn. I will consider my time well spent if I can do anything to assist our consultants in their effort to help men, women, and their families to make wise decisions and to find healing from past poor decisions.