Bright Course/Earn While You Learn Program

Pregnancy-Early Infancy

This Curriculum covers the First Trimester to a few months after birth.  It gives a glimpse into the life growing inside the mother and the amazing developments happening along the way. It also helps mothers know what to expect as their pregnancy progresses.


Helps parents learn tools in dealing with energy and curiosity of a toddler.  Includes potty training, proper discipline, safety, milestones and more.

Parenting Pack

Modules covering the essentials of parenting including discipline techniques and the importance of parenting with love. Includes step-parenting education and information.

Practical Fatherhood

Each lesson uses examples and advice designed for fathers.  It addresses the real and pressing needs of a father and challenges them in ways they can excel as a dad. 

Life Skills

This class is designed to help men and women succeed in financial, relational and professional lives.  Money management, insurance choices, renting or purchasing, roommate conflict resolution, major purchase, and saving for the future. 

Positive Partnerships

Maybe you are struggling with the need to make better choices in picking a partner or need help to learn how to set healthy boundaries.  Separate classes for men and women.

Bible Study

Teaches the Gospel story, that the Bible is real, and shows the redemption and love of Jesus.