This is why we volunteer...

I want to help people facing crisis pregnancies because I was helped by a center years ago. I am ready and eager to give back out of a deep sense of gratitude aiming to give hope and practical help so they, too, can have a new beginning with a happy ending.

~ Lee Ellies; New Beginnings Board Chair 

I am privileged to have been involved with New Beginnings Pregnancy Care Center from its inception, as a board member and medical advisor. As a Christian physician, I am very much aware of the importance of following God’s design for sexual expression; at New Beginnings Pregnancy Care Center we call it sexual integrity. Following God’s design best protects us from physical disease and emotional distress and best provides for the safety of children, born and unborn. I will consider my time well spent if I can do anything to assist our consultants and staff in their effort to help men, women, and their families to make wise decisions and to find healing from past poor decisions.

~ Kion Hoffman, MD, Board Member, Medical Director

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More Volunteer Testimonials...

I want to be part of an organization with like-minded people offering hope and encouragement for the women and families in our community.

~ Kay Krueger, Volunteer

I work at New Beginnings because I love the opportunity to share God's love with those who walk through the door.  I value life from conception and beyond.  I love helping others see the value of their child/children, as well as their own.  I enjoy working with them as they learn safe, healthy choices for them and their families.

~ Tammi Helmuth, Program Director

Proverbs 31:8 says that we are to "speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves" (NLT).  By volunteering at and supporting our Center, I am speaking up for the unborn as we help those who are affected by an unplanned pregnancy.  We are the Lord's "loving arms, hands and feet" to those in need.

~ Marilyn Carlson, Board Member

I came on the team in the fall of 2013 to watch and pray that the center would grow and prosper in the mission to reach moms and dads that were in need of parenting and birthing skills. To have a program that could help in so many aspects of parenting seemed so vital.   Many changes and much growth have come to the Center and I am so happy that I was on board to reach so many of our dreams for New Beginnings!! Yay, God!!  

~ Bobbie McInerney Harrington, Former Board Member

[I serve at New Beginnings] to help preserve the lives of innocent children and heal the lives of post-abortive women.

~ Pastor Mark Peske

New Beginnings is a safe place for people to come to who need help with their pregnancies and for those wanting to learn more about good parenting/relationships skills.  We have such a supportive staff and volunteers who really care.  It's exciting to see a client follow through from a positive pregnancy to the birth of her baby,  and then to see her coming back to learn more about how to raise her baby.  I'm thankful to have the opportunity to work at New Beginnings and that we have a pro-life Center right here in Grand Rapids and Itasca County.

~ Laurie Marshall, Board Member